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Mika Shinagawa


h1060 w1900 d45

oil, acrylic, canvas, wood panel

Mika Shinagawa creates paintings centered around the theme, "What am I, and what is a human being?" Just as a baby touches and tastes the world to confirm its reality piece by piece, she seeks to reexamine and depict the world that appears commonplace.
In her works, she blends the Japanese way of seeing and depicting things with perspectives and styles imported from abroad, attempting to achieve an expression that resonates with her own sense of reality.

Mika Shinagawa(品川美香)


Born in Kumamoto.

Shinagawa received her Master's diploma from the Graduate School of Arts, Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2016.

Currently based in Osaka(SUPER STUDIO KITAKAGAYA) and Kyoto.

Recent exhibitions include The dream of the embryo at Iori Machiya Stay(Kyoto)HOTEL ANTEROOM SEOUL (Seoul), ANTEROOM NAHA_Phase 2020 (Naha) in 2020, standing installation at Starbucks Kyoto BAL store (Kyoto), Universal Art Project 17 (Tokyo), Breathing Garden (Iori Machiya Stay, Kyoto) in 2019, and Kyoto Art for Tomorrow (the Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto), ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2018 (Kyoto) and November island (WINWIN ART, Taiwan) in 2018.

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