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On September 23, 2022, the public art lounge “Le Metté Adeline” was opened in the large complex facility “Mori no Machi Grace/Mori no Machi Plaza” located in the center of Okayama City.


This lounge will introduce young artists who are expected to be active in the future from a cross-disciplinary perspective, and bring together a variety of people including artists, collectors, students, and local residents. While welcoming artists from all over Japan and overseas, we will foster Okayama's artistic culture by discovering artists who are active in the local Setouchi region and disseminating them widely both domestically and internationally.


Additionally, as a public space specializing in art, we have designed a space where artworks will slowly seep into the local life, while taking advantage of the charm of a forest town where work, residence, and business gather.


The design and art direction of the art lounge will be handled by Sandwich, whose director is Kohei Nawa.

A space that explores new possibilities for the region and art is now in motion.

About Representative LE METTE Adeline

The reprensentative of this lounge, LE METTE Adeline, is a gallerist from France based in Hiroshima.


After coming to Japan as an exchange student in 2013, she majored in oil painting at the Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City University. She actively exhibited her works while still a student, and in 2018 was selected for the Shell Art Award (now the Idemitsu Art Award), known as a gateway for young artists. After completing his master's degree, she founded the brand "L" in March 2020.


While also active as an artist, in November 2020 she launched an art gallery called "L GALLERY" with the aim of connecting Japan with the world, and is taking a multifaceted approach to revitalizing the art scene in Hiroshima.


Okayama City, Kita Ward, Shimoishii 2-10-8
Mori no Machi Plaza 2nd floor
Lemeteaderin Art Lounge

+81(0)80 8438 0303

Business hours

11:00 - 18:00
Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for inquiries regarding the purchase of our exhibited works.

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