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Sandwich, in charge of  the art direction, is also curating the opening commemorative project that will be held from September 23rd. We will introduce up-and-coming young artists from Kyoto. 2D works that make full use of various techniques such as spray, ink, oil painting, VR drawing, 3D scanning / modeling add color to the pure white lounge space. From domestic and international artists to up-and-coming young artists, we would like you to experience the current state of Japanese contemporary art.


The list of participating artists is as follows (in alphabetical order, titles omitted): Mika Ieda, Baru Osawa, Kengo Kito, Yui Samejima, Mika Shinagawa, Kosai Shiraishi, Masaharu Shin, Takeo Takao, Yoshihiro Takeuchi, Kohei Nawa, and Hajime Nishigaki. Itsuki, Junki Fujimoto, Haru Matsuda, Mitsumasa Miura, Yukino Yamanaka, Naosuke Wada

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