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Atsuki Fujimoto


h610 w910 d30

oil on linen, cotton, panel

This paintings by layering and peeling off the cloth as supports, carefully selecting and caring for them so that they complement each other with the unique qualities of the motifs. The texture of the materials, with their depth, such as the continuously arranged paint blocks and stripped cloth, transforms with the aspect of plants, trees, and flowers, creating a scene of a garden with a cluster of flowers and grass in the exhibition space.

Atsuki Fujimoto(藤本純輝)


1997 Born in Mie.

2019 Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Arts and Crafts, Oil Painting Course.

2021 Completed Master's program in Oil Painting, Department of Arts and Crafts, Kyoto University of Art and Design.

Based in Kyoto


Solo Exhibitions

2022 "In the Soft Afternoon Sun", AIR Kamo Nasu, Kyoto, Japan

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