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Like waiting for a traffic light in the middle of the night where no one passes

Kousai Shiraishi


h910 w1167 d20

oil on canvas

I sometimes get lost on purpose.


A landscape seen from a certain location may look completely different from the one seen from a slightly out of the way place. The scenery I see on foot and the scenery I see in a vehicle seem to be completely different from each other. At such times, I feel anxious and uncertain about where I am. By getting lost, I try to wipe away this anxiety as if I were making a map of where I am by relying on my senses. I decide on motifs based on the sense of discomfort, such as "the color is different" or "I have seen this before. When I get lost in the forest, I mark the trees so that I can find my way. My act of painting is similar to this.

Kousai Shiraishi(白石効栽)


Nagano,1998/Based in Kyouto/Graduated from Kyoto University of the Art in 2022.2022 Graduated student at Kyoto University of the Arts.

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