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Yoshihiro Takeuchi


h450 w450 27

acrylic, cotton, wood panel


"When 4 of the same icons are aligned, they all disappear in a chain."

Based on "Tetris" which was born in the Soviet Union around 1984,

In 1991, the video game "Puyo Puyo" developed in Japan during the collapse of the bubble era.

This work is created based on the system and rules.

Yoshihiro Takeuchi(竹内義博)


Born in Kochi Prefecture in 1987. After graduating from the Graduate School of Kyoto University of Art and Design (currently Kyoto University of the Arts) in 2013, he based his work in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto Prefecture, he creates paintings inspired from game screens that he was familiar with in his childhood.

Recently, he has been presenting works that incorporate the materiality of paint into the screen.

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