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2024.03.20 - 07.21

Art Lounge project #4 - inner vision"  is an invitation to take a journey into self-reflection through the eyes of artists.


The exhibition, which will run from March 20 to July 21, 2024, explores the inner world of artists through their depictions of the human figure. Visitors will enjoy a variety of art forms, from drawings to realistic paintings.


Participating artists in this exhibition are SHEIDLIN ELLEN, LO CHAN PENG, ZIJUN WANG, EIJI MIWA, KAORI SOMEYA, RURIKO MATSUNAGA, CHIE ISHIZUKA and ADELINE LE METTE, gathered from all over the world.


Their works vividly reflect diverse cultures and personalities and capture the human figure from various perspectives. Through different mediums such as painting or digital art, they take us into their world and offer an experience that can be shared by art novices and art lovers alike.


We hope this special exhibition will be a source of new discoveries and inspiration!

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